My name is Chantal Ferrini


I am the daughter of veterinarian parents, and grew up surrounded by animals on a farm in the English countryside. Whether it was keeping an orphan lamb warm and bottle fed in the kitchen by the aga stove, holding a flashlight for my father as he calved the cows, or simply playing with our ever-expanding pack of dogs – animals have always been a fundamental part of my life.  Since a child, I was fascinated by the way each and every animal I came across had unique identity traits and behaviors that made them one of a kind.

Later in life, I discovered a passion for photography while being a TV commercials producer in London, New York and LA.  Companion animals quickly became my favorite subjects and so it was only natural to merge these two passions into one.

With this knowledge and experience, I have allowed myself the privilege of focusing all my creative energy in formalizing a passion of storytelling through powerful imagery combined with a great love of animals, to embark on this adventure called ‘Chantal Ferrini Photography’.